• Meghan


    The people here at CFTO keep me coming back. Sure, we’ll get a little competitive, overall everyone is just incredibly encouraging.
  • Lisa


    I’ve made incredible progress here at CFTO. I’ve had my butt kicked, but the coaches and other members know me, and never push too hard. It’s a competitive group environment that also pays careful attention to my personal needs.
  • Jeff and Heather

    Jeff and Heather

    CFTO had us in the best shape of our lives before, during, and after our pregnancy. We love the energy of the classes, and the personal attention from coaches. …. it’s a blast!

CFTO 8-Year Anniversary & Iron Triathlon!

Celebrating 8 Years of Ordinary People Becoming Extraordinarily Fit

CFTO celebrates it’s 8th year as a CrossFit Affiliate this year, and we’re calling on all CFTO-lings — past, present and future — as well as friends and family, to come celebrate with us!

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I have surprised myself with how
strong I’ve become. I never saw
myself doing pull ups or working with
barbells. Somehow, the coaches
at CFTO motivate you without
yelling. They correct you to make
sure you don’t strain yourself and
they really take the time to sit and
talk about your fitness goals.

– Leilani E.

CFTO is a fantastic organization. I
encourage all to come and check
out a class, it can be intimidating at
first but the best thing about CFTO,
is that they can scale it for anyone.
Every coach is knowledgeable and
willing to work with you to improve
your individual fitness. I can lift more,
run faster, jump higher and I’m back
into a bikini!

– Ashley T.

I can’t imagine being at any other
gym. There’s a great community
where members are friendly
and genuinely care about your
progress. And you won’t ever be
If you’re hesitant to give it a try, the
reality is that there are members
here ranging from high schoolers to
grandmothers, so there’s no excuse
not to at least give it a try.
Bottom line is that its a great way to
stay in shape, meet great people,
and have fun while you’re doing it.

– Bruce C.

I grew not only in strength here, but
also as a person. I loved working out
here because EVERYONE, not just
the coaches, will motivate you to be
bigger, better, faster, and stronger,
and with that, I was able to achieve
such great results.

– Tammy L.

Our Team

Joshua O’Donnell

Joshua O’Donnell Lead Coach and Assistant Manager

Joshua is CFTO’s Assistant Manager, leads our competition team, and provides exceptional leadership and motivation at CFTO.

Details about Joshua are coming soon.



Sarah Conners

Sarah Conners Coach and Competition Team Member

Sarah brings exceptional athelticism, the ability to motivate, and an imporessive combination of motivation and compnssion. She is equally capable of working with experienced, gifted athletes and with scared beginners.

Dan Kallen

Dan Kallen Head Honcho

Dan is CFTO’s Managing Partner and oversees all operations.

Dan started at CFTO in 2007, and CFTO’s original owner and coach, Jay Soto, got him hooked immediately.  When life took Jay in a new direction, Dan took over CFTO and carried on Jay’s original vision of a CrossFit box that was truly welcoming and supportive for everyone.

Dan has blackbelts in Hapkido and traditional Chinese Pek War. He has studied Tai Chi and Chi Gong both here in the US and in the People’s Republic of China. His CrossFit certifications include Level 1, Weightlifiting (with Mark Rippetoe), Football (with John Welbourn), Nutrition (with Robb Wolf), and Endurance (with Carl Borg). Dan also judged at the 2009 and 2010 CrossFit Games.