• Ashley


    Well, well, well… Where should I begin? I placed my hand on the bible and I here by swear to tell truth, the whole truth and nothing but the truth. Let’s start from the beginning where it all began. I came to crossfit three years ago and I have considered myself a weak sauce crossfitter. Still do some days. You might say… well she has always been a lean mean muscle machine, but after having two children I was a flabby mess. I needed a place to get back in shape. I love working out with other people and not having to plan my own workout. They tell me what to do but not in a dictator fashion but in a functional happy supportive family kind of way. They said I could write as much as my heart desires so let me know if you want more and I’ll e-mail you personally.
  • Lisa


    I’ve made incredible progress here at CFTO. I’ve had my butt kicked, but the coaches and other members know me, and never push too hard. It’s a competitive group environment that also pays careful attention to my personal needs.
  • Jeff and Heather

    Jeff and Heather

    CFTO had us in the best shape of our lives before, during, and after our pregnancy. We love the energy of the classes, and the personal attention from coaches… It’s a blast!